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Mobile Service Centre Al Batinah

Easycare is the most reliable mobile phone repair service provider in Oman. As one of the most trusted cell phone repair specialists, we are happy to offer you a complete mobile phone solution. Our expert technicians have extensive experience in cell phone repair. We will bring your mobile phones back to life! The best mobile repairs in Shaham is guaranteed by Easy Care. Choose the most cost-effective service store that repairs all smartphone models while ensuring quality and expertise with a certified professional team repairing your device. If you are doing a google search “mobile repairs near me” or “mobile repair center Saham” then Easycare is the right place for you. Easy care provides End to End services for your mobile phones with the latest technology equipment that can sort every kind of problems in a short period of time. From a brand new Apple iPhone to a slow running Samsung, Easycare provides all kinds of services for every cell phone model. Visit our website, contact our number or walk into our shop for any queries related to mobile phones. 


​​​​​​ Things we repair
  • Display
  • Battery
  • Dead Phone
  • Network
  • Software 
  • Water Damage
  • Sound
  • Other Repair

 Brands We Fix
  • Samsung
  • OnePlus
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Google
  • Mi
  • Huawei
  • Honor
  • Asus
  • Realme
  • Nokia
  • Ravoz
  • Poco
  • Lava
  • Motorala
  • Other Brands

Complete solution for all damages
A broken phone screen or damaged hardware can be extremely inconvenient at times. Easycare provides A-Z services for your mobile phones with complete attention and quality. We fix mobile phone brands ranging from iPhone, Oneplus, Samsung to your local items at the lowest price. We Give you assistance under an assured warranty that promises you a real fixing experience. Our services include. 

Broken Screen repair - Cracked screen or unresponsive touch, our technicians are all set to fix it or replace it soon

Battery issues - Your phone’s battery can sometimes behave really tough. At Easycare, we have all solutions for your battery problems

Camera repair and replacement - Get the best assistance for your smartphone cameras  at Saham from our technicians

Water damage or dead phone  - Don’t worry about water damages or a dead phone, because we have the perfect care at our store

Speaker and microphone - Get in touch with Easycare Saham for all types of microphone and speaker-related replacements. 

Why Choose US?

Easycare is the No. 1 cell phone repair shop in Al Batinah, Saham, Oman, with experienced technicians and cutting-edge technology to provide you with the best service, whether it's a repair or a replacement.  We are part of a leading end to end technical services group that deals with all types of electronic gadgets worldwide. We have a reputed history of providing the finest in class mobile phone servicing across Oman and six other countries. Our ESD protected workstations assure the safety of your devices. Also, we support your privacy by ensuring a complete data protection policy.  Now you can sit back at your home and relax while we get your favourite device repaired. You can get a completely free quotation from our store or online in order to understand the efficiency of the work we do. Choose Easycare and experience authentic care ar Saham.