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Your game console is one of your most valued assets and is there for you in good times and bad. When your console develops issues or stops operating altogether, you may feel as if your world has come to a halt. You need your console repaired as soon as possible so you can get back to playing your favourite games. NerdsToGo® is on its way to rescue the day. We are a Mosted Trused Service Center that specialises in gaming console repair for a variety of devices.
We exclusively utilize genuine components. All Gaming Console repair prices are based on real estimations, and estimating theGaming Console repair cost and turnaround time generally takes 1-2 business days. Without the customer's permission, we will not begin any repairs. Cleaning is included in all Gaming Console repairs. We provide high-quality repair services at a fair price. EasyCare is the best Gaming Console repair shop in Fujairah.

 When it comes to repairs, we strive to make things as simple as possible for you. You can mail your equipment to us if you don't live near us or don't have time to drop it off. Alternatively, you may come to any of our sites and we would be happy to serve you. Our Service team can help by taking care of all of the details. We'll arrange for your gear to be transported to the finest repair facility and work with you to ensure that the repair is performed to your satisfaction while keeping you informed along the process. Our goal is to make the repair procedure as simple and painless as possible so you can go back to making amazing memories with your Gaming Console. 



  • No Power
  • Audio Video
  • HDMI
  • FirmWare
  • WIFI and BlueTooth
  • CD Drive
  • USB Port
  • Controller
  • Haed Drive
  • Other Repairs


  • XBOX
  • Other Brands


Call Us Instead of Replacing It!

When an electronic equipment quits operating, many individuals have the inclination to replace it. Whether it's a computer, a cell phone, or a game console, the expense of replacement might be significant. It's for this reason that you should contact our computer and gaming console repair professionals. We can probably rescue your gadgets and get them operating again. We'll let you know if we discover it's beyond repair.


We have done extensive research and understanding of the industry to differentiate ourselves as a one-of-a-kind service provider in Fujairah. We ensure that our clients are fully satisfied with the work that we do for them. We have a qualified staff that will provide you with the best possible help for your circumstance. Above all, we care about our customers. Because of our broad reach, we have served clients from all across Fujairah. If you need a Gaming Console service Center in Fujairah, this is the team to call. We have been cleaning, maintaining, and repairing for many years. Gamers rely on us to keep their Console in top operating condition. If yourGaming Console develops a fault or is damaged, we can provide a free estimate in 2-4 working days. As a consequence, we can help you choose the best techniques for diagnosing and fixing Gaming Console difficulties. We have the greatest Gaming Console Repair shop in Fujairah. We've got it. We always have low-cost, high-efficiency solutions. We also help you on-site, so you can take use of our advanced services right outside your door.