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We're your one-stop-shop for iPhone screen replacement, iPhone battery replacement, water-damaged device repair, camera and sound repair, faulty charger repair, and other iPhone component repair or replacement. We are Ras Al Khaimah's safest, most dependable, and finest iPhone repair service. No iPhone is invincible to damage, and when it does, it may destroy your day and your attitude. Rather than moaning about the broken gadget, we recommend that you give us a call. We can mend and spruce up your iPhone at our iPhone repair shop in Ras al Khaimah. Genuine Apple parts and tools are available from us. Our highly skilled iPhone repair experts utilize these to efficiently resolve a wide range of difficulties, and they work on all iPhone models. When it comes to fixing your iPhone, you can rely on EASYCARE. EasyCare  fix iPhone screen replacement, iPhone x screen replacement, battery replacement iphone7.

What will you do if your iPhone screen is broken as a result of a fall? Apple will not fix unintentional damage for free, even if your iPhone is still under warranty. EasyCare is the finest choice accessible to you. Contact us if you need your iPhone screen, battery, or other components replaced or repaired.

Bring your broken or damaged iPhone to our Ras Al Khaimah iPhone repair shop. Alternatively, if you don't want to drive a great distance, we may have one of our runners come to your home, business, or any other place you choose. They will collect the broken gadget from you and return it to the iPhone repair shop. They'll utilize their diagnostic tools to swiftly figure out what's wrong. After that, they'll call you and explain the problem in detail, as well as how they plan to remedy it and how much it will cost.



  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Software
  • Water Damage
  • Sound
  • iCloud
  • Bluetooth
  • Other Repair


  • 12 Series
  • 11 Series
  • X Series
  • 8 Series
  • 7 Series
  • 6 Series
  • 5 Series
  • Others




When we claim we give a warranty on virtually all of our iPhone repairs, we mean it. It demonstrates our faith in our restoration procedure. If the problem persists, you can contact our Ras Al Khaimah iPhone repair facility at any time.

Free Pick-up and Delivery

We recognize that you may not always be able to bring the damaged iPhone to us. Give us a ring and we'll come to you anywhere in the United Arab Emirates. We will also drop it off once it has been repaired, at no additional cost.

24-hour repair
We don't want you to go through days of separation anxiety. Our skilled experts will quickly fix your iPhone and return it to you fully functional the same day we get it for repair.

Original parts
A damaged part is no better than an aftermarket replica of a genuine iPhone spare part. We exclusively use authentic Apple components for screen repair, battery replacement, and any other broken part replacement since we want you to have your iPhone for a long time.

Expertise Technician
We have all of the high-tech diagnostic and repair equipment needed to fix an iPhone in our arsenal. Our efficient experts, who are well-trained and have sophisticated,  iPhone repair abilities, employ these tools. Take a deep breath and exhale slowly.



EasyCare is the most affordable and high-quality iPhone service shop in Ras Al Khaimah. Major repairs, such as touch screen, battery, display replacement, and camera issues, are handled here, and we fix all goods in a short amount of time to ensure that all of the issues stated by the client are resolved and delivered to the customer within the required time frame. All small issues are also taken care of and rectified within the agreed-upon time frame, and we will always keep the customer informed about the repair and service. Our team comprises people who care about their customers and strive for the right approach rather than a quick repair. Only if we are able to fix your iPhone will we charge you. We don't enjoy it when people plagiarise our services at EasyCare. However, you may get an estimate to get an idea of how much specific repairs will cost. EasyCare believes that you should be treated as if you were a member of our own family at all times. Call us now for a quick repair.