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Find the best iPhone repair in Sharjah! Easycare is a one-stop repairing shop for all your iPhone services in Sharjah. We have a certified team providing world-class assistance for your Apple iPhone. Apple has created a wave leading people to choose iPhone as their device creating a global consumer culture. Most consumers are concerned about the care and support for Apple products, particularly the Apple iPhone. Generally, iPhones are designed for long-term usage, and what are the available repair options after the warranty period? Easycare has the answer to this issue. We have a well-experienced and qualified team of experts to have your precious iPhones repaired by the appropriate people without worrying about any risks. Our repair procedures are quick and easy considering your time valuable. Easycare We have a wide reach throughout the globe, as well as a variety of solutions and services intended to make the iPhone function efficiently in your world. We repair your iPhones at an affordable price. From screen replacement to iPhone data recovery, we give the highest level of service and professional technical care for your devices to run smoothly. Our dedicated and well-trained staff is committed to transforming the Apple iPhone repair industry by making the repair process as simple as acquiring a new iPhone. To ensure that you receive the best service possible, our repair specialists have undergone extensive training and certification. The Easycare iPhone service centre is located near Spinneys Roundabout Sharjah. 


iPhone Screen repair
A broken screen is the most common type of problem seen on an iPhone. We can replace the glass on your iPhone or the display on your iPhone. The screen is covered by a two-year guarantee, so you won't have to worry about iPhone screen replacement costs for the following two years. We are the finest option for a cheap iPhone screen repair service.

iPhone Battery Repair
Battery problems may have serious consequences for your iPhone, so it's always a good idea to seek good battery care. We have the finest service for your iPhone battery, whether it is dead, overheating, or draining. 

iPhone Volume Button Repair
Your iPhone's volume button is not working. Our expert team will take care of your problem with professional repair. We are Sharjah’s experienced people in iPhone repair with 5 years of expertise.

iPhone Home Button Replacement
The home button on your iPhone can drive you insane. Excessive usage of your home button may result in damage and slowness. Our team can give you with the best repair for your home button while taking the utmost care.

iPhone Software Issues
Do you believe the backup software is working? Do you require assistance with iPhone data recovery or iCloud? You've come to the correct location. For software difficulties in Sharjah, you can contact Easycare with full confidence. 

iPhone Motherboard Repair
Believe it or not, we are the fathers of motherboard servicing in Sharjah. We believe in restoring your device to its original form and fixing any difficulties you may be experiencing. We take care of your iPhone's motherboard and fix it flawlessly.

iPhone Speaker and Microphone Repair
Feeling difficulties in listening to your favourite music or talking with your near ones? Don’t worry, we have the right support for your iPhone microphones and Speakers. Easycare supports you with servicing and repairing your microphones and speakers. 


  • Screen
  • Battery
  • Software
  • Water Damage
  • Sound
  • iCloud
  • Bluetooth
  • Other Repair


  • 12 Series
  • 11 Series
  • X Series
  • 8 Series
  • 7 Series
  • 6 Series
  • 5 Series
  • Others

Easycare Exclusives
Easy care workstation is the safest service centre in Sharjah ensuring that there are no issues due to Electrostatic discharges (ESD). Our ESD protected repair centres are equipped with proper neutralizing and ESD dress code for the technicians providing 100% safety for your iPhones. 
Your iPhones might contain data that are important. We guarantee your safety and respect your privacy. Be it your documents, contacts, or media files, we assure you that no data will be misused. 
Cloud and Password removal is a real challenge for iPhones, but don’t worry we have the solution. Carry your id proof when you come to the Easycare repair centre. We can help you with guaranteed trust and care. 
Using genuine and high-quality spares for your Apple devices is just as important as skilled servicing. Easycare offers you a premium quality assurance on tools to spare parts. 

Why Easycare is the best for your iPhones?

Easycare is part of a leading end to end technical services group that deals with all types of electronic gadgets worldwide. We have a reputed history of providing the finest in class mobile phone servicing across UAE and six other countries. Our dedicated team of certified professionals with notable experience in Apple servicing consider every iPhone special and provide the best care. Easycare provides quick services for your iPhones at a reliable price. We have a professional team that will give you the most effective solution to your problems concerning iPhone. We strive to solve difficulties in the Apple repairing industry by providing all kind of repairs and services making it quick and efficient. Easycare has serviced countless Apple customers from all around Sharjah, catering to their needs and providing them excellent service. You can contact us for any queries related to the repair of your iPhones. We also want to thank every customer who has put their faith in us to service your mobile phones. We understand how it feels to miss your iPhone, and we don't think you should stay disconnected for any longer than necessary. Choose Easycare as your iPhone servicing partner and ensure that you are getting the best service in Sharjah. 

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