5 Things You Must Do Before Giving Your Smartphone For Repair

Smartphones play an important role in our life these days. There are situations where you can’t even live without a smartphone. Some use it to run their business and other educational purposes, some use it only for capturing images & videos, while some of them use it just for entertainment purposes or even just for basic needs.
Literally, smartphones are nowadays the go-to-device for all your social connects, banking purposes and safekeeping personal information and other significant documents.
Even when you are using your smartphone with utmost care, still there’s a chance getting it damaged in any way at some point of time. Some damages can be severe while some are not at all. But in most of the cases, these damages can be fixed with the help of a smartphone technician or a service centre. In that scenario, you would need to handover your smartphone, that contains sensitive information, for repair.
But before you handover your device, you have to take care of certain important things to keep everything nice & sound.

  1. Back-Up & Reset
Nowadays, data in our smartphone seems very sensitive and confidential. Our smartphone contains information like our account details, e-mails, images, videos, contacts, messages and other documents. So, it is recommended to back-up all these kinds of information either to cloud or an external space to avoid the risk of losing it during service.
In addition to that, it is also suggested to Factory Reset your device if you worry about your data being stolen. By doing so, you can live carefree for the time being. All those data can be restored from back-up after getting your device back from service.  
  1. Remove Sim Cards & Memory Cards
Don’t think twice about removing your sim cards and external storage from your device because they are pretty confidential. A sim card can easily be misused as it can be used on any phones without any issues.
Most of your media files will be stored in memory cards so don’t forget to make your data safe by removing the card. Some people also tend to back up their data to their memory cards and keep it in the smartphone itself while giving for service. Will it make any difference? Not really!
All of your personal information and media files should be kept out of the reach of a stranger.
  1. Note Down Your IMEI Number
This may seem simple, but it is still worth mentioning. It is always a wise decision to note down your phone’s IMEI number. IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) is a unique 15-digit number which every phone has. If your phone is being misplaced or being handed over to another person who owns the same kind of phone of yours, you’ll be able to identify, using IMEI, whether it’s your phone or not which has been giving to you. It is also helpful in cases of malpractices from technician’s side.
Don’t worry if you can’t locate your phone’s IMEI number, just dial *#06# on your phone’s Dialpad and the IMEI number will automatically pop-up on your screen. You can also find the serial number by dialing *#0000# from dial pad.

  1. Remove Your Google Account
Nowadays, by making our life easier, Google is taking control of our life. All of our personal information is somehow in the hands of Google. If a person has access to your Google account, he can anyhow make use of your information for many kinds of fraud activities. So, it is highly recommended to remove your Google account from the device.
All of your contacts, messages, photos, videos documents, themes, wallpapers, passwords will be stored or linked with your Google ID, so you don’t wanna think twice about making all those safe.
  1. Consult A Reputable Expert Technician
There is an important question which you should ask yourselves. Are you sure that you are giving your phone to an expert? The risk behind it is that it could well damage your phone’s internal. A certified professional can understand all your concerns & safety requirements much quickly than a normal technician. They know how to handle dangerous situations like exploding battery or highly sensible mother boards.
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