Is your smartphone slowing down? Try these tips.

Is your smartphone slowing down? Try these tips.

Meta: If your smartphone is slowing down there are certain ways to can fix it. Try out these easy tips that will make your phone run faster and perform better.

Who cannot live without a smartphone? We begin and end our day by checking the notifications bar of our phones. It has become a part of our daily life. In the first years of use smartphones function swiftly and easily, but with time problems come to light.
Is your phone struggling to perform fast than before? Does a simple command take a lifetime to process? We are here to assist you with a few pointers that you can attempt before visiting the service facility.

  • Free up the storage space: if your phone is crowded with data and documents, it can get slow like a snail. As per Google’s research, it is found that one will face performance issues if the free storage space is less than 10%. It is preferable to keep 20% of your smartphone's storage free for optimal performance. To help the software run quicker, consider deleting the cache.
  • Restart your phone: Restarting your phone every now and then will boost the performance of your smartphone. You might have seen people restarting their phones whenever there is a small issue. It may seem pointless but it works actually. Surprised right? Restarting your phone once a week aids in memory retention, crash prevention, smooth operation, and battery life extension.
  • Check for updates: Ensure that your system is up to date. Updating the system will help to free up resources on your device, which in turn helps to load apps faster and to improve the smoothness of the system. Almost all smartphones get updates that resolve user difficulties.
  • Uninstall unused apps: Unused apps take up the storage space and you know what it runs in the background as well. So it is always recommended to uninstall it for better performance. Uninstalling outdated apps can help improve the pace and battery life.
  • Prefer Lite Edition: Many apps provide a lite version of their apps, usually, it is meant for low-end android devices with limited RAM and storage. Lite editions take only a little space and are not resources hungry like the original version. So obviously it helps in better performance of your smartphone.
  • Disable animations/live wallpapers: This is hard you have to do it for your phone to be quick as a cat. Animations/live wallpapers can be pleasing for the eyes but not for your system speed. These animations/live wallpapers can get edgy over time. Disable the animations/live wallpapers to save up the processing time.
  • Turn on data saver in chrome: Chrome has become the most capable and easy-to-use web browser. It comes pre-installed on most smartphones. In terms of optimization, chrome is not that sturdy.  One minor fix you can do is to switch on the data saver mode in chrome, it compresses every data you retrieve to 30-40 percent. This helps to save space and thus enhances the speed.
  • Avoid using SD cards: Say No to SD cards unless you have no other go. While it does increase your storage space, it also slows down your phone over time.
  • Delete apps from unknown sources: Many applications may appear to be useful, but they might eat a lot of data. They can even operate your phone from the back-end. As a result, it is always best to install software from trusted sources.
  • Factory reset: If you find these methods ineffective and are still dealing with a clunky smartphone, A factory reset is a good option, but it is also extreme. It basically resets your data and deletes everything. Make a backup of all your data before doing a factory reset to avoid losing it forever. After you've reset your phone, go over the list of apps you've downloaded; you don't want to install apps you've never used before.

If none of these tips helped you it is better to visit one of the best smartphone service centers near you or rather visit Easy Care. We provide you with all kinds of services for your smartphone by finding all underlying issues and will also tell you if it's time to change your smartphone.