Tips to gain most from your Smartwatch

Are you getting the most out of your Smartwatch..? Battery drain…?? Sensors not giving accurate results..? Memory issues?? If you are seeing these constantly, then you might need to consider some tips that could improve the performance of your smartwatch and at the same time help you use it for a longer period. 

Here are some of the tips that can be handy -

1. How to save the smartwatch battery life ?? - Managing or blocking app notifications helps you with Smartwatch storage issues and boosts your battery life. Each notification received by the smartwatch consumes power. A low brightness can not only save the battery power but also ensures optimal performance. Turning off the WiFi, NFC, or location services, can help you extend the battery life. Disable wrist gestures and semi-hibernation mode to avoid battery drain. 

2. Why is the right fit important while strapping a Smartwatch? - As usual, you might think what’s so great in strapping a smartwatch? Well, as a matter of fact- it’s important how your smartwatch fits. Without the right fit, the material might be irritating, buckle digs in, and you might never want to wear it again. Apart from these, if you want your smartwatch to give you accurate readings, the sensors of the device must be working properly, which happens only if it fits properly..!! For the built-in heart rate sensor to measure your blood flow correctly, it needs to be in close contact with your skin. 

3. Watch case/screen protection - The watch face can be protected very easily with a watch case or extra protection layer on the smartwatch screen. Even though the smartwatch is made of glass and ceramic materials that protect it against abrasion and scratches, the watch case can help in preventing the watch from colliding with other objects. 

4. Customize on-screen menus and app dashboard for optimum performance - Customize or make small tweaks to your on-screen apps so that it is easy to use as well as enhances the performance of the device. Also, customize the stats seen on your app’s dashboard to make it work for you. 

5. Connecting with other apps and services to gain the most - Most smartwatches offer a wide range of fitness trackers - heart rate monitoring, nutritional tracking, sleep monitors, habit trackers, menstrual tracking, and weight trackers, which help you build habits and lead a healthy lifestyle. Also, it’s ideal to give one on one permission to access your health and fitness data to avoid any hacking and security threats. 

6. Water and Dust Proof - The most common issue often faced by Smartwatch owners. To take care of this issue, we suggest you the following tips - 

  • Avoid wearing the watch while engaged in water sports or deep-water activities.
  • Wipe the watch with a soft cloth, and ensure that you remove the accumulated dirt after exercising. 
  • Even though most smartwatches are dust resistant, it is advisable to avoid heavy-dust environments. 
  • Avoid cleaning the strap with - hand sanitizers, soapy water, other acid or alkaline solvents.

Even with the utmost care, there is regular maintenance and service needed for your smartwatch. If you want to know more about smartwatch repair and maintenance, visit Easy Care.