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We Bring your Mobilephones back to life! Easy care promises the best mobile repairs in Sharjah. Visit the most affordable service centre that repairs every smartphone models assuring quality and expertise with a certified professional team repairing your device. Easycare is one of the leading mobile repairing providers for all needs relating to the repair of android & IOS smartphones. Our enthusiastic and dedicated team is ready to provide any type of smartphone service with the utmost care and honesty. At Easycare Sharjah, we provide the best smartphone repair to all of our clients, with the goal of achieving 100 per cent customer happiness. A smartphone is an important part of today's world, and it is important to choose the proper service provider for both minor and major repairs. Easy care provides End to End services for your mobile phones with the latest technology equipment that can sort every kind of problems in a short period of time. Our team, with extensive knowledge and experience in mobile phone technology, will be ideal for your mobile repairs to understand the right solution. Our company has strong expertise handling electronic devices and delivering service to over seven countries around the world. Being a reliable mobile service centre in Sharjah is about the service we give and the positive response we receive. We guarantee our customers the most efficient service, as well as special care for their devices. Visit Easycare and experience the perfection of mobile phone service. 

This is the right destination to go for all of your mobile phone troubles. We provide A-Z services for your mobile phones with complete care and quality. We repair mobile phone brands ranging from iPhone and Samsung to your native products at a reasonable price. 

Display Repair
Tired of a broken screen? No problem, All kinds of display issues including touch and broken screen problems are fixed at Easycare. Our professionally certified team with the most modern types of equipment solve your display issues easily. 

Battery Fixing
Repairing the battery problems is easier than carrying a charger and looking for a charging point all along the way. We provide Battery replacement, charging port rectification, addressing overheating and many more services for you.  

Camera Replacement & Repair
Never let your phone shut its eyes. Having a smartphone camera is very beneficial these days.  At Easycare, we fix your cell phone camera, resolve any kind of problems and replacement. 

Memory Expansion
Mobile phones are an important part of our lives, and we use them for a variety of purposes from running a business to taking photographs and creating memories. Expand your smartphone's storage capacity for an endless user experience. 

Dead phone recovery
Our lives revolve around smartphones, and we are quite worried about them. Data recovery remains a concern for many people. Your data are safely recovered by our professionals with utmost care. 

Mic and Speaker repair
When your mobile phone's speaker stops working effectively, it may have a critical impact on nearly everything it does. The microphone has a similar effect. Any kind of microphone and speaker obstructions are removed and replaced at EasyCare. 



  • Display
  • Battery
  • Dead Phone
  • Network
  • Software 
  • Water Damage
  • Sound
  • Other Repair


  • Samsung
  • OnePlus
  • Oppo
  • Vivo
  • Google
  • Mi
  • Huawei
  • Honor
  • Asus
  • Realme
  • Nokia
  • Ravoz
  • Poco
  • Lava
  • Motorala
  • Other Brands

Easycare Exclusives

Easy care workstation is the safest service centre in Sharjah ensuring that there are no issues due to Electrostatic discharges (ESD). Our ESD protected repair centres are equipped with proper neutralizing and ESD dress code for the technicians. 
Your mobile phones might contain data that are important. We guarantee your safety and respect your privacy. Be it your documents, contacts, or media files, we assure you that no data will be misused. 
Cloud and Password removal is a real challenge, but don’t worry we have the solution. Carry your id proof when you come to the Easycare repair centre. We can help you with guaranteed trust and care. 
Using genuine and high-quality spares for your mobile phones is just as important as skilled servicing. Easycare offers you a premium quality assurance on tools to spare parts. 

Why Easycare?
Easycare is part of a leading end to end technical services group that deals with all types of electronic gadgets worldwide. We have a reputed history of providing the finest in class mobile phone servicing across UAE and six other countries. Our dedicated team of certified professionals with notable experience in the technical field consider every phone special and provide the best care. Customer is our King and true service is our Queen. We strive to solve difficulties in the repairing industry by providing repairs and services for all major brands of smartphones including Apple iPhone, OnePlus, Redmi, Mi, Oppo, Vivo, Xiaomi, Google Pixel, Sony, Samsung, Realme and many more. Find the best service with quality and genuine acessories and spare parts at our service center. We have serviced countless customers from all around Sharjah, catering to their needs and providing them excellent services. You can contact us for any queries related to the repair of your mobile phones.We also want to thank every customer who has put their faith in us to service their mobile phones. We understand how it feels to miss your favourite mobile, and we don't think you should stay disconnected for any longer than necessary. When you pick Easycare for your mobile phone repair, you can be certain that you are receiving the best service in Sharjah at the most reasonable price.