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A Gaming Console is a special piece of equipment used to play games that must be remembered. Nowadays a Gaming Console is a very common device used by people. A variety of manufacturers, including Sony,Microsoft, have launched low-cost Gaming Console for anyone to use. The Gaming Console and its accessories, especially the lens need proper care to let them work for a long period of time. We at Easycare want your images to be clear and beautiful so that your memories with us will flourish. We are a trustworthy place, capable of servicing and repairing various types of Gaming Console and equipment.  Easycare is a one-stop repairing shop for all your Gaming Console services in Saham. Our team of Authorised experts will provide you with the finest guidance available makes it easy to manage the entire process, from getting a cost estimate to capturing problems and rectifying them with complete care.  If you are searching on google for “Gaming Console service centre” You will Come to Easycare and experience a genuine repair experience. 

Have you had to put your gaming career on hold due to broken equipment? Please allow us to assist you with a video game console repair. Our professionals can diagnose the issue with your Playstation, Xbox, or Nintendo and get it back up and running in time for your next gaming excursion. You can count on us to take great care of your console. Allow us to handle your repairs so you can return to playing your favourite games. Simply bring your console to one of our local stores or send it in for repair using our mail-in instructions. Our professionals can repair your specific gadget and have you playing at a higher level in no time.

Things We Repair
  • No Power
  • Audio Video
  • HDMI
  • FirmWare
  • WIFI and BlueTooth
  • CD Drive
  • USB Port
  • Controller
  • Haed Drive
  • Other Repairs

          Brands We Fix
  • XBOX
  • Other Brands

Repairing a Playstation
Whether you like the vintage Playstation 2 experience or the newest capabilities of the Playstation 5, we can take care of the repairs. We can also repair your Playstation Vita on the go.

Repairing an Xbox
If your chosen gaming console is an Xbox, we have the knowledge and experience to rapidly diagnose the issue. Our professionals are well-versed in the most prevalent issues and error codes that occur with Xbox systems. We can service both the original Xbox 360 and the new Xbox Series X.

Repairing Nintendo Consoles
Any of your Nintendo gaming devices may be repaired by us. We can assist you if you are having issues with your Nintendo 2DS or 3DS. If you like the Ninja's active features.

Why Choose Us?
Easycare has authorised and experienced technicians who know the pulse of your Gaming Console to provide you with precise and affordable service. At Easycare, we have the most modern types of equipment to ensure the best service and safety of your devices.  We are part of a leading end to end technical services group that deals with all types of electronic gadgets worldwide. Easycare is equipped with ESD protected workstations to ensure the safety of your devices and also our data privacy policy make sure that all your information and data are protected. Contact us on our number, visit our website or walk in to our store for a real Easycare experience.  

EasyCare Saham

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